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Make MN is a print magazine and a bi-weekly newsletter celebrating Northern craft, community, and connecting to this place we call home. Discover hands-on making, an appreciation for local craft, and unique ideas that shape what's being made in Minnesota. 


Our Mission

This is our home, our land to protect, our place to make. We believe in the story behind each Minnesota- made product, every Minnesota-grown vegetable, every Minnesota-inspired work of art. Our content encapsulates the stories, vision, insight, and perspective of bold individuals who are making big contributions to a more socially conscious and quality driven marketplace and world. 

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As we feature makers, small businesses, and innovators from every region of Minnesota, we hope to uncover the hidden cities, creative events, artists & makers, recipes, and beautiful communities lurking in every corner of our Northern state. We are confident that every issue will offer a beautiful amount of depth, vision, as well as the drive to support local businesses.



Published quarterly in beautiful print, Make It Minnesota is a thoughtful collection of Northern craft and community. Explore all the different kinds of stories we publish! 



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