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Our Story

Founded as an online marketplace in 2011 by a Minnesotan husband-wife team, Make It Minnesota spent its first three years selling and marketing Minnesota-made goods. In 2014, the founding duo decided to print a magazine that featured the stories of a select portion of the makers sold in the online marketplace—and thus, the Make It Minnesota magazine was born. The magazine was so well received (and they had so much fun making it) that it soon morphed into the primary product of Make It Minnesota, fazing out the online marketplace completely. As the founding duo added a few more rowdy members to their family over the next couple years, they brought on an eager whippersnapper named Kara Larson as co-partner for the business. Late 2015, Kara became Editor-in-Chief, and by late 2017, sole owner of Make It Minnesota. And that catches us up to the present—to a magazine whose mission is more honed in than ever.

Make It Minnesota is a quarterly magazine focusing on Northern craft, community, and connecting to this place, Minnesota. This is our home, our land to protect, our place to make. We believe in the story behind each Minnesota- made product, every Minnesota-grown vegetable, every Minnesota-inspired work of art. Our content encapsulates the stories, vision, insight, and perspective of bold individuals who are making big contributions to a more socially conscious and quality driven marketplace and world. Through unique storytelling, photography, illustrations, maker workshops, magazine pop-up shops, and more, we aim to strengthen and promote sustainable, altruistic, and inspiring communities.


"I hope for Make It Minnesota to feel like a community endeavor—one that connects, informs, and inspires us to engage with local businesses, artists, non-profits, and our community in more impactful ways. Over the past three years, I have been lucky to work with an incredible array of writers, photographers, and illustrators to build 13 issues in which I am immensely proud."

— Kara Larson, Owner + Editor



What guides us? It’s pretty simple. We feel connected to Minnesota and its vibrant people. We believe the stories of here root us to the land. We want to share these stories and offer a reading experience that feels special.

As a small, yet ambitious team, we are fueled by a passion for helping local businesses, artists, and makers. In each issue of Make It Minnesota, we aim to be a different kind of publication. One that feels like a collective effort created by members of our own communities. One that engages us and connects us with our local makers and artists. One that celebrates ideas, innovation, and authenticity.



We take pride in creating a quality print publication four times a year that deserves a special place on your bookshelf or coffee table. Read it in one sitting, one day at a time, or maybe save it for a snowy Minnesota day. 


Dreamed, Designed, Printed, and Published right here in Minnesota 

Every bit of this magazine is made in Minnesota. We're passionate about the stories we share, the truths we uncover, the communities we reach. Our contributors are incredible and without their integrity, talent, and drive to tell honest stories, this wouldn't be a magazine at all. From issue planning to final revisions to holding print copies in hand, we love the process of building this magazine. And it's an honor to be able to share it with you.


  • Format 9 × 12 in., 48 pages 
  • Binding Perfect Bound
  • Frequency Published four times per year
  • Print run 200 copies
  • Printing & Shipping Corporate Graphics
  • Distribution Self-distributed
  • Single Copy $10
  • Subscription $36
  • Publisher Make It MN LLC

  • Editor/Production Kara Larson




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The easiest way to get hold of a copy is to order it online or visit one of the following retailers. Feel free to suggest a store in your town and we’ll reach out to them.


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Do you own a book store, local goods shop, bakery, coffee shop, or something of the like? Become an official Make It Minnesota stockist today! Email Kara to get the ball rolling!